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If you've taken a look in our last chance or sale section, you may have noticed that all items by Rhonda Shear are in there.  This is because we've made the decision to stop supporting the Rhonda Shear brand. 

As a small business every decision we make is a personal one so when we found out that Rhonda Shear (the individual) is an avid supporter of Donald Trump we had to pull the plug.  As individuals we stand firmly against the viewpoints of Donald Trump and can not in good conscious give our money to someone who elected him into office.  It would be hypocritical to try and showcase diversity while supporting an administration that puts our models, our customers, and ourselves at risk.

We have already identified some brands that will provide similar products to what Rhonda Shear was offering.  In the meantime we've marked down all items from the Rhonda Shear collection.  If it were up to us we'd simply get rid of the stock, but we can't return it and we are already working with a very small budget so we can't take the significant financial hit to get rid of it. Take advantage of the marked down prices (up to 65% off!) and help support Fortuna Femme in the process!  

** Please note that while we no longer stand behind the owner of the brand, we do stand behind the quality of the products we stock.  Some of Rhonda Shear's soft bras and shapewear have become staples in our personal collections.   

July 25, 2017 by Amanda Lea


New Customer

New Customer said:

Saw your post about Rhonda Shear and pulling the plug. I support your stance, I had some of her products before and once I saw her ridiculous support of Trump I never would care to buy and even watch or read about such brands. I am more interested in your site and will look into your products.

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