Shop Closed! Thank you for your support!
Shop Closed! Thank you for your support!

Over the past year, our lives have changed pretty dramatically and neither of us are able to give this shop what it needs to thrive. We reached a point where we realized that we had to choose between Fortuna Femme and our other personal and professional goals. It was a difficult decision to make and in the end, we realized that our ultimate end-goal for the shop would require making some sacrifices that we simply weren't prepared for and that those sacrifices wouldn't guarantee the kind of commercial success we'd need to assure the store could not only remain open but grow.

We will be officially closing down the shop on Friday, November 22nd. Staring now nab 35% off sitewide, including sale, with coupon code FAREWELL. 

From the smallest idea, Fortuna Femme blossomed into a passion project that grew at a rate we couldn't have expected. We have had the immense privilege of working with so many fierce and fabulous femmes to create the imagery on our site. We've had so much positive feedback from customers, clients, and other champions, that we'll certainly bring with us into any future projects. We're incredibly proud of what we created with Fortuna Femme and we wouldn't have lasted two months without your support. Thank you all. 

- Jess and Amanda

September 19, 2019 by Amanda Lea