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Introducing: Our Loyalty Program!

We appreciate your every purchase you make at Fortuna Femme, so we want to pay you back!  We've been refining our loyalty program and feel that it is finally just right, so we've decided to formally introduce it.  From here on out, every dollar you spend translates into one point, and once you have enough points you will get a...
August 08, 2017 by Amanda Lea

Stock Decisions: Rhonda Shear

If you've taken a look in our last chance or sale section, you may have noticed that all items by Rhonda Shear are in there.  This is because we've made the decision to stop supporting the Rhonda Shear brand.  As a small business every decision we make is a personal one so when we found out that Rhonda Shear (the...
July 25, 2017 by Amanda Lea

Pride Month: A Lookbook

If you’ve been following our social media channels, you’ve already gotten a sneak peek into our most recent project. (We’re no good at keeping secrets over here at Fortuna Femme!  When we began working on Fortuna Femme in 2015, our goal was simple. We promised ourselves that we would do our best to showcase diversity in all of its wild...
June 18, 2017 by Jessica DiLullo

Price Adjustment: Gossard Retroloution

We are currently waiting on a restock of the Gossard Retrolution Staylo Bra and Cinching Knicker, once they arrive the price will be changing.   The bra currently valued at $75.00, will be going up to $76.00, while the knicker will be increased from $69.00 to $73.00.   Why is the price changing?  In this case, the increase has been...
February 04, 2017 by Amanda Lea

Introducing: The Fortuna Femme Blog! 

Since we've changed platforms we are very happy to unveil this new feature.  We hope that you will tune in for some insider knowledge about what happens behind the scenes, as well as full access to look books, style guides, and reviews!  As part of the blog launch, we'd like to outline our core ideals. Here's what we're all about:...
January 25, 2017 by Amanda Lea